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Shipping & Returns

  1. Online Sales and Shipping:

    • Products are shipped within 3 business days of purchase.

  2. Refunds and Returns:

    • Crafted by Eyat offers refunds for products as long as the item has not been mailed out yet.

    • No refunds are provided for products that have already been shipped out.

    • Due to the nature of the business, Crafted by Eyat does not accept any returns.

  3. Lost or Damaged Goods:

    • If a package is lost or damaged during transit, it should be resolved between the customer and the mail service.

    • Crafted by Eyat provides a tracking number to the email provided by the customer for tracking purposes.

  4. Package Returns:

    • If a package is returned to Crafted by Eyat, a refund will be provided upon the customer's request only if Crafted by Eyat copied a different address than the one provided by the customer.

    • If Crafted by Eyat copied the correct customer address and the package is returned, no refund will be issued.

Return & Exchange Policy

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